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  • NAGY, J.: Determination of price characterizing a work comparable in place and time. In: Soudní inženýrství 3/2007, ISSN 1211-443X
  • NAGY, J.: Determination of price of building operations and supplies in forensic praxis. In: Anniversary volume. Cena a životnost a ekonomická efektivnost stavebního díla. VUT Brno, Fakulta stavební, year 2007, p. 53- 62, ISBN 978-80-214-3403-5
  • NAGY, J.: Operations of a surveyor during the local inspection. In: Anniversary volume. Manažment hodnoty podniku 2007. Fakulta ekonómie a podnikania Bratislavskej vysokej školy práva v Bratislave, year 2007, year 15, CD volume, ISBN 80-969332-6-4, EAN 9788096933266
  • NAGY, J.: Evaluation of immovable monuments. International conference. Determination of generic value of immovable property in conditions of accession of the Slovak Republic to the European Union. 16.10 2007. SvF STU v Bratislave
  • NAGY, J.: Thinking about the value of immovable monuments. International scientific conference. Technical facilities, European norms and protection of monuments. 17.-19.10 2007. Častá
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