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Written by Ing.Juraj Nagy, PhD.   

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  • Forensic expert agency in field of building industries, structural engineering, valuation of real property, estimate of costs of building operations.
  • Development of measurement reports with appraisement (budget) of prepared investment venture of the customer.
  • Revision of the submitted measurement report of a prepared investment venture, in term of complexity, and correctness with respect to elaborated stage of project documentation.
  • Inspection of competition details before putting up a public procurement, so that they satisfy conditions stated by law 25/2006 C.o.l., specifically explicitness, non-discrimination and application of trade names of products and suppliers in the measurement report.
  • Development of a new control budget with a measurement report on a prepared investment venture.
  • Development of report on submitted budgets in term of price level of its objectivity and comparison to current market prices according to law 18/1996 C.o.l. - of prices.
  • Price expertise according to customer's need.
  • Consulting on competition conditions in part price and implication of other factors in operation price, prospective involvement in the acquisition commission of the buyer.
  • Activities of quality surveying of building specialized in Structural engineering.
  • Public procurement according to law 25/2006 C.o.l. of public procurement in within the range of Certificate of special competence registration number G0679-135-2001 on the date 27.2.2002.