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Structural engineering
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„Core objective of a surveyor’s company consists of surveyor’s and expert’s testimonies to technical conditions of the valuated immovable properties.“


 Identification of defects:


  • defects of front sides (facades) of buildings
  • defects of inner and outer surfacing
  • examination of roof cladding defects
  • defects of basements and subterranean constructions
  • observance of technical rules for particular constructions
  • examination of hydro-isolation
  • increased humidity in external cladding resulting in surfacing defects in exterior and/or interior
  • increased humidity in horizontal component units of exserted constructions
  • surfacing defects –tread layers of horizontal component units of exserted constructions
  • defects of vertical walls of balconies and terraces
  • in-leak into garage premises

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