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kc_2009_03_025_100 „Our company provides education training for pricing clerks in the field of civil engineering.

Gallery from training in days: 13. – 15.10.2010.




a) Name of the educational activitykc_2009_03_015_100

  • Education training of building appraisers, estimate clerks and costing accountants.


b) Organization form of the educational activitykc_2009_09_570_100

  • Education training (thereinafter studies) is in coverage of 30 lessons.
  • Student is obliged to actively participate on the lectures.
  • Studies finish with a final exam composed of both written and oral part.


c) Goal of the educational activitykc_2008_10_131_100

  • Studies provide special information, knowledge and skills in sphere of prices and price making in civil engineering.
  • Objective of studies is to provide the participants with the knowledge of current regulations of setting budgets and calculation of prices in field of building production.
  • Studies include deepening and innovation of attainments, knowledge and proficiency achieved during the foregoing education and professional praxis.
  • Graduating this course will dramatically improve the professional knowledge basement of price specialists.


d) Target groupkc_2008_10_097_100

  • Top building management responsible for preparation and realisation of building.
  • Employees of building companies, civil service and companies supporting building production.
  • Designers and project engineers.
  • Self-employed gainful active persons, appraisers, estimating and pricing clerks.


e) Required acquirements upon accessionkc_2008_09_333_100

  • Graduation of a complete secondary education with a school-leaving exam.


f) Profile of graduateskc_2009_09_604_100

  • Graduate possesses the necessary knowledge of the current legislative and obtains special skills in building budgets creation and individual price calculation.
  • Graduate possesses the knowledge necessary for individual proceeding of building appraisals, pricing and estimate clerk’s activities, which they have proved to the graduation committee on the final exam.


g) Educational methodskc_2009_03_009_100

  • Studies are proceeded in an attendance way, based on lecturing with a direct contact between the lector and the student, which is extended by students’ individual study and presentation of a final project.
  • Basic unit of studies is represented by a subject. Subjects are classified into two major parts: general and special.
  • Educating organisations keeps contemporary records of scholars, course, pursuance of curriculum.


h) Lector board documentationkc_2009_03_014_100

  • Professional sponsor of education training of building appraisers, estimate clerks and costing accountants is Ing. Juraj Nagy, agens of the educating organisation.
  • Further lectors are doc. Ing. Gabriela Bollová, PhD., doc. Dr. Ing. Milan Valuch, Ing. Branislav Púchovský, PhD., Ing. Helena Ellingerová, PhD., JUDr. Ondrej Prikryl, Ing. Ivan Klobušník.


Subject curricula

  1. Regulations of activity of appraisers, estimate clerks and costing accountants
  2. Civil and Commercial law for appraisers, estimate clerks and costing accountants
  3. Types of contractual price
  4. Calculation of building operation costs
  5. Using of budget indices for estimation of building costs
  6. Elaboration of measurement reports and supply budget creation
  7. Application of item budgets

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