"Property expert not measure, but values."


Dipl. Ing. Juraj Nagy, PhD.
director of Institute of Economics and Civil Engineering, Ltd.
in an interview with HN:

Where can we need professional expertise?

Although our need for expertise fell after the "three tax" abolition - of the sale, transfer and donation, we need them in many situations. Expert-builder cannot measure. Only the Price Authority may consider the price ...

Institute of Economics in Civil Engineering, Ltd.

  • Forensic expert agency in field of building industries, structural engineering, valuation of real property, estimate of costs of building operations.
  • Development of measurement reports with appraisement (budget) of prepared investment venture of the customer.
  • Revision of the submitted measurement report of a prepared investment venture, in term of complexity, and correctness with respect to elaborated stage of project documentation.
Slovenčina (Slovenská republika)English (United Kingdom)
Institute of Economics and Civil Engineering
znalectvo „Assessments on generic value of immobile property is a surveyor’s estimate of the most probable price by the day of valuation, which could be obtained on the market in conditions of free competition,
Manager’s strategy of negotiation with an investor
Thumbnail image „The market has changed radically over past 10 – 15 years. The former investors have disappeared, namely the state-owned enterprises and national budged backed organisations, and new impetuous investors have succeeded.“
Technical conditions and depreciation of a property
i_01_001_100 „The proposition of evaluating the technical conditions and depreciation of a property is mainly associated with civil and commercial trial as a result of a conflict between the buyer (so called ‘factotum’) and the constructer.“
Technical Supervision Realization
eu_diviaky_nad_nitricou „EU funds - Within the implementation of projects co-financed by resources of the European Societies and the national budget of SR. Contracts for provision of irreclaimable financial grant ...“
kc_2009_03_025_100 „Our company provides education training for pricing clerks in the field of civil engineering.

Gallery from training in days: 13. – 15.10.2010.

" News

« date 18.01.2017 »
od 19.04.2017 to 21.04.2017.


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